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 The Italian shirt made for you
 The Perfect Shirt

Premium Italian Shirts
Apposta sells online men’s shirts precisely crafted in Italy with four generations of shirtmaking expertise, using premium quality fabrics from the Italian renowed mills.

Perfect fit for customer’s style and body
Each shirt is made-to-order: it can be personalised or created online, from the world’s largest variety of fabrics (over 4000) and style options, and can be made to measure.

At a fair price
A large scale, direct-to-consumer business model means that the customer pays considerably less for a premium Italian shirt than elsewhere.

Industry-leading customer satisfaction
With an industry-leading 1.7% return rate, we’re confident that every Apposta shirt will arrive impeccably made. We also make free amendments if required to ensure that every purchase is risk-free. Our made-to-measure process eliminates the need for multiple size purchases, higher initial monetary outlay, returns and refunds.

Apposta is 100% made-to-order, intrinsically highly sustainable: ZERO stock, ZERO wastes.

Climate and Ocean. Minimal CO2 footprint because of no wastages, no return deliveries, no plastic packaging, near-shore manufacturing. All fabrics are sourced from responsible companies.

Fair and inclusive work practices. All of the shirtmakers in our supply chain are based in Italy. They’re mostly women, though all receive fair salaries with no pay disparity between genders.

Responsible consumption and production. Our products are custom made to the customer's needs and are made to last. Replaceable collar and cuffs are offered for further durability. It’s the opposite of the widely criticised fast fashion.

vs Traditional Distributed Brands - Apposta completely overcomes the limits of the physical distribution, to which traditional brands are bound even if they also sell online: 60-70% of the retail price burnt by the distribution costs, high standardisation, low choice, high stock volumes, lots of wastes, physical proximity.

vs online Direct-to-Consumer Brands - While the cost structure and end-user prices are similar, Apposta removes the need to buy different sizes and make returns, as shown by our return rate of 1.7% vs the typical 50+%.

vs online Made-to-Order Brands - Apposta offers the world's widest choice of over 4 thousand billion different shirts, given by the combinations of 4000 fabrics and plenty of style options. Apposta offers a refined, highly appreciate customisation experience. The shirts are expertly made in Italy to high standards, from an experience of 4 generations in the industry.


Company Info

 Your perfect Italian shirtmaker

Apposta is a London-based company that has revolutionized the accessibility and convenience of made-to measure shirts.

With Apposta you choose, interact, learn and create! This is the process that gives birth to your perfect shirt par excellence, manufactured in Italy with your measures and with your personality. Once you've designed it you can edit and reorder it many times in the future, with just a click.

This way, you don't have to go to many stores looking for the shirt that "looks like" the one you've always desired. And you don't have to start your research again when it's time to replace the old shirt. Once you place the order, the shirt will be manufactured only for you, and shipped to your home within three weeks.

Apposta offers a huge choice: 150 pre-designed and customisable shirts which have been subdivided into different collections, styles and occasions of use, 2,000 of the best fabrics in the world, 20 billion possible different combinations.

Since 2011, Apposta has been shipping thousands of shirts to five continents, and is now considered the Italian leader of the customisable and made to measure clothing.

At the Italian Web Award 2012 Apposta was awarded as "Best E-commerce of the year"; it was one of the finalists of the Premio WWW de Il Sole 24 Ore Award, and has been selected by Universities and organisations becoming a case of national excellence for the digital innovation into the textile chain.

Co-founder, CEO & CTO Gianluca Mei
Serial entrepreneur 20 years experience in digital business consultancy, marketing and technology.

Co-founder,  COO & CFO Gianmarco Taccaliti
4th generation of Italian shirt makers. 16 years experience in the men's shirts industry.

The complete team is made of 10 people operating from London (HQ, marketing, finance) and Italy (manufacturing, quality control), highly skilled and with an track record in the respective fields:

  • Content Strategist
  • Performance Marketing Manager
  • Architect & Full-stack Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Partnership & Affiliations Manager
  • Customer Care Manager
  • Quality Control
  • Sales & Style Consulting

Investment Highlights

 The Italian shirt made for you
 Investment Opportunity
Apposta is a London-based company that has revolutionized the accessibility and convenience of made-to measure shirts.
  • Succesful business model with clear competitive advantage
  • Established operations with 40,000 shirts sold in 90 countries
  • Proven product hight appreciation with over 3,000 Trustpilot reviews
  • Break-even reachable in Q1 2021
  • Visible exit within 3-4 years to a strategic or financial buyer


Exit Strategy
Sale to a Strategic
  • European or American player in customisable clothing
  • Manufacturing company to acquire highly profitable direct market
  • Clothing brand to acquire digital innovation in clothing

Sale to a Financial Partner
  • Small-mid cap private equity​
  • Company operating in adjacent segments owned by financial sponsors

Apposta closed 2019 at € 1.1 million revenues, 9700 shirts sold around the world.

After the temporary slow down for the Covid-19 we are still trading at +15% YoY, with a Customer Acquisition Cost a lot lower, thanks to an improved conversion rate.

Break-even is expected for the first quarter of 2021.

Apposta benefits of long-term exclusive partnerships with the world's most renowed fabric mills, located in physical proximity to its manufacturing, allowing an unparallel fabrics inventory on its website and world's best level of service.



Financial Snapshot



Financial Highlights


Project Title Document Title Action
Apposta EIS Capital Raise Download
Apposta EIS Capital Raise Download
Apposta EIS Capital Raise Download

Investment Location

Invest Now

£171,000 of £500,000

Invest Summary

  • Deal Type: Investment
  • Sponsor: Apposta Ltd
  • Hold Period: 2 YR.
  • Investor Yield: 1
  • Funding Goal:£500,000
  • Investment Type: Venture Capital
  • Min. Investment: £10,000
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